Companies are striving to hire employees with character, integrity and a good work ethic. Showcasing an interim job during an interview, or even on a resume, can help the hiring manager see your willingness and tenacity.

Be confident and proud of the fact that you brought in some cash while between jobs and still managed a job search regimen.

An astute manager will see your willingness to “do windows” as an asset to the department. You would be perceived as multi-faceted and adaptable to different situations that occur in a normal work environment.

Company owners are accustomed to doing many tasks in order to grow a company. According to an owner of a large freight company in the Triad, he looked for employees that looked at the company as he did, with care and willingness to do whatever was necessary to keep the company afloat, even it meant picking up the trash.

Job seekers often see interim work as a hindrance to their search. They feel they need to leave the days open for networking and job search. Many companies offer shift work which leaves the days open for traditional search tasks.

Some see lower paid work as negative in their work history. The average length of time to get a job is a month for every $10,000 in salary requirements. Therefore, a $50,000 position could have the seeker out of harness in a disciplined work environment for five months. The impact on morale and family finances could be devastating. A temp job could be a much needed bandage on negative cash flow and morale erosion as the search drags on.

See it as extremely positive when defined as a success story in overcoming all the negatives of job search.

A side benefit for experienced seekers in management could use this opportunity to work alongside hourly workers and see how a company is viewed from the bottom up. My successes in plant and production management came in great part from my family background and summer work in the field or in a factory as an apprentice.

My father was a boilermaker and a member of the local union. I knew first hand how labor viewed management and vice versa. So, I managed my plants with respect for blue collar labor. That made for harmonious relations within the plants which resulted in high production and good quality products.

Experience in this realm is, by far, the best teacher.

My father was always willing to go anywhere in order to provide for his family. No work was too hard or too low for him. Little did he know how that example would play for his son in striving beyond all odds to care for his family.

We should take every opportunity to show our family and our future boss that we work to serve, not to be served. That is worth gold to a family back home and to a future boss who needs that kind of loyalty.

So, jump at the chance to grow in character and experience when a break in employment occurs.

After the first month of resume prep and networking to find employment, look for an interim job to reduce the negative cash flow, get back into a disciplined job environment and gain experience. It is the smart way to do a job search.

Glenn Wise is owner of Right Hire Solutions. Contact him at 336-509-5606 or