One of my favorite things to do is to help others improve their current situation and create a life they love. Whether through writing, workshops, or My Weekly Wow blog, the intention is the same. Whatever the problem, I believe love is the answer.

Let’s take a closer look at how love works in our lives both personally and professionally. Keep in mind that the opposite of love is fear.

We come into this world with love. While we are here, we learn about fear. Then, we spend much of our journey learning to release the fear and accept the love in our hearts. It becomes part of our purpose.

I recently conducted a series of seminars using the “Wheel of Life” exercise. Through this exercise, individuals assess how content they are in eight different areas including: Work, Home, Relationships, Spirituality, Emotional Health, Physical Health, Finances and Fun.

One of the questions posed during the session was, “What drives you?”

More than once, the answer given was “A Fear of Failure”.

Each time I heard this, I cringed a bit. We were not created to be driven by fear.

Sure, we all may have moments when we might be motivated by fear. We may fear failing a test so we choose to study. Or, we may fear blowing an interview so we choose to prepare.

Using fear as a driver day in and day out however, can cause a lot of wear and tear on us. While it may push us to so call “succeed” on the outside, what is it doing to us on the inside? Could it be that we are putting too much emphasis on what we perceive with our senses and too little on what we know to be true in our hearts?

When we approach life from a place of love we will have more peace, joy and fulfillment in our lives.

When we come from a place of fear, we can be tormented by our thoughts and experience negative feeling such as anger, pain, shame and greed.

Knowing that the opposite of fear is love, we have the opportunity to turn things around and make a shift in our lives and in the lives of others. We can choose love. Love gets rid of fear the way light gets rid of darkness.

For example, we may find ourselves dealing with negative people at home or at work. It can be helpful to view them as fearful. In doing so, we will tap into the love we have to offer. This will open up our hearts to the warmth of compassion rather than the coldness of negative emotions.

We are called to love one another. It is easier to love someone when we see them as hurt and fearful, rather than angry and attacking. The love that we share with them has the potential of altering their behavior.

Love is a powerful force. It is patient and it is kind. Love can drive us to do and accomplish great things both for ourselves and in service to others.

It is at the core of who we are. It may be covered up, hidden or currently in disguise. It is, nonetheless, still there. It is our job to uncover and rediscover the power it has.

Love is something to be taken seriously in our homes, at our jobs in our communities.

When we feel loved and cared for, we live happier lives and perform in ways that far exceed the expectations of ourselves and others.

This is a great time of year to review the areas of our lives and discern where we could use some more love. Maybe we need to give something up to create more space for love.

We might need to shine some light on a particular area to get out of the dark. Or, maybe we need to make amends and start over in a particular situation or with a particular person.

Now is the time to create a clean heart. We, and the people around us, deserve this.

Cupid may have come and gone, but love is here to stay. Allow it to be your guide. It never fails.

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Lucy Wellmaker is a weekly blogger helping others discover deeper meaning to everyday moments through “My Weekly Wow” at