An old school weekend: Coloring, VHS, and 90s nostalgia, oh my!

Mary Kate and Ashley's film inspired by the novel of the same name will be playing during our '90s movie night. 

February has been the longest month of this year so far, though in reality it is the shortest (And I know, the year has only just begun).

It’s been warm, it’s been hot, it’s been so cold the ground has been frozen. As the days have crept by, my life has changed very little with the exception of one thing—my younger sister has moved home from Las Vegas (otherwise known as Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World or Lost Wages, whichever you prefer).

When she first arrived home, we went on an old-fashioned shopping spree complete with huge Starbucks coffee and an overpriced lunch. It was during the trip that we began talking about something fun that would cost a lot less and help us reconnect to classic movies and hobbies that carried us through childhood. That’s when the ‘90s movie night was planned. 

This weekend, we’re pulling out the VCR I purchased in 2018, dusting off classics from our movie collection like “Ghost Dad,” “Mary Kate and Ashley’s The Case of Thorn Mansion,” and Dolly Parton’s “Straight Talk,” and indulging in all things 90s.

Among those things are Nickelodeon Cartoon Coloring pages featuring the characters we grew up with, hot chocolate, classic snacks like pizza rolls and maybe a game or two of Scrabble.

If you and your siblings are looking for something to do on the weekends that cost a lot less than shopping and dining, I suggest you get together and talk about your childhood. Maybe you’ll decide you want to pull together a team of other adults and play kickball, or maybe you’ll dig through your parents’ attic and find “Mystery Date” and play ‘til you find Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now).

No matter what the pastime, just make an effort to spend time with those that you love. Shopping is great, lunch is great, but sometimes it takes a grimy VHS, less-than-healthy snacks and coloring pages to really reconnect with the person you grew up with.

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