‘Diva Brides:’  You don’t want to miss these weddings

This bride’s younger groom wasn’t happy about her self-centered antics during an episode of “Diva Brides”

There’s nothing I like more than a good wedding or a great, heap-of-trash television show.

Both take your mind off of any problems in your life and help you realize that perhaps you’re on the right track to being happy or at least going in the right direction for happiness.

I’ve written about my love of one of those things—the second one to be exact—in past columns, but this week we’re exploring my romantic side.

If you’re a fan of shows like “Bridezillas” and “Say Yes to the Dresses,” you’ll love “Diva Brides.” The British series recently premiered on Netflix and boy is it flaming garbage.

On the first episode you’ll meet a bride that’s so in love with herself and her dog that she ignores all of her groom’s wishes so that her dog can walk down the aisle with her and have a suite to himself before the wedding. By Ep. 2, we meet another bride who’s self-consumed and so obnoxious that even her 19-year-old boy toy gets annoyed by her antics.

The show, which has more than a few episodes on Netflix, is a great escape for anyone who overthinks life and needs an off button for the brain.

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