Eerie elevator antics:  Mad Monster Party starts with a scream or two

Just one of the scary clowns at Mad Monster Party.

It’s not every day that I hear screams coming from an elevator shaft.

This weekend, however, things got more than a little scary at a hotel I was staying at during the Mad Monster Party horror convention.

My boyfriend and I packed our bags and headed west to the mystical, magical city of Charlotte where many years ago we attended the convention for the first time. Over the years we have bonded over, among other things, our love of cheesy movies appreciated more for their hokey production and buckets of blood than cinematic quality.

After unpacking our bags in our hotel room , putting our drinks for the day in the mini fridge and slipping on comfy shoes for the short walk across the street to the convention center, we headed toward the elevator.

That’s when things got weird.

“Did you hear that?” I said after the mechanical hum of the elevator was interrupted by muffled screams.

Sure enough, my partner had heard the sounds, too. When the elevator reached our floor and the doors dinged open, there stood a 6-and-half-foot-tall, sinister-looking evil clown with electric green hair in one corner and in the other was a grown man, cowering and wide-eyed.

“Thank God y’all aren’t clowns,” said the man. “I was looking at my phone when I got in and when I looked up HE was standing there.”

The guy gave a quick, nervous chuckle and continued. “I really thought maybe I was in a nightmare.”

Before he could say anymore, Pennywise the Clown —or that’s what we’re going to call him in this scenario—replied to his new friend. “There’s a horror movie convention across the street. I figured everyone knew about it.”

Needless to say the ride down all four floors was a little awkward, but our appearance seemed to have eased the fears of our scared, non-clown companion. He even took a selfie with Pennywise, who also managed to frighten his Uber driver when he opened her car door.

When we finally made it to the convention we enjoyed seeing a few panels with horror movie icons like Sid Haig and Bruce Campbell.

 Not only that, but we picked up some cool stickers and t-shirts and we learned of a pre-Halloween festival in Kill Devil Hills this summer that we may have to go to. After all, how can you miss out on seeing scary movies on the beach?

If you’re into people-watching, love cheesy horror movies and characters like the Toxic Avenger, I recommend next year’s Mad Monster Party. It’s taking place Feb. 14-16 in 2020 and will be held at the Hilton in Charlotte. You never know what you’re going to see or how folks who don’t know about the convention will react to evil clowns, but I promise you’ll definitely come away with a story to tell.



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