Not to sound cliché, but I always felt different in high school. While other girls were swooning over “The Notebook” and other romantic movies, I was reading up on a vintage horror movies to watch over the weekend.

I wasn’t a tomboy, far from it to be exact, but I did love a good, scary film that made the monsters of my nightmares come to life.

That’s why Netflix’s newest show “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” quickly became one of my new favorites.

Not only does the hostess, Christine McConnell, give instructions on how to create the perfect creepy party foods and haunted gingerbread house, but she also embraces all thing spooky in her house filled with critters of all shapes and sizes.

There’s, Rose, a raccoon that Christine brings back to life with a little imagination, surgery and spare utensils from her kitchen; a werewolf, who’s big and hairy and not that scary when you get to know him; and a mummified cat that’s got a mouth on him and has been around since ancient Egyptian times.

During each show, viewers learn the basics about creating creepy crafts, and they also get a little bit of story about Christine and her kooky, other-worldly roommates.

If you consider yourself a crafter who loves horror movies and laughs, I recommend you check this show out. There’s only a few episodes available on Netflix this season, but I promise you they’re definitely worth binge-watching.

And the good news is Netflix has already renewed the spooktacular show for another season. That means more spooky craft tutorials and storylines are coming in the near future.


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