McDowell couple featured on reality TV show

Beth and Brian Whitfield

Beth and Brian Whitfield, of Nebo and North Cove respectively, were recently filmed for the HGTV hit reality show series “Living Alaska.”

The show is scheduled to air tonight, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. on either HGTV or HGTV’s sister station GAC TV depending on your TV provider (check your local cable/dish provider for details).

Beth and Brian both grew up in McDowell County, became high school sweethearts and were married at Clinchfield Baptist Church, Sept. 3, 1995.

Brian enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps out of high school, the couple were married just two days after Brian completed his USMC boot camp training at the infamous Parris Island Marine Corp Recruit Depot. The USMC decided to stationed Beth and Brian at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, nearly 2,400 miles away from everything and everyone the couple knew. Soon after Beth and Brian arrived at Camp Pendleton, Brian was deployed to the Persian Gulf region, forced to leave his newlywed wife alone in San Diego. Until this time, Beth had never been further away from North Cove than Tennessee. Moving from North Cove to San Diego was quite the culture shock.

Beth started a Mary Kay business at the age of 18 just months before moving to California. Beth assumed being a Mary Kay consultant she would be able to network and meet new people in California. She was right. Beth was very successful in with her Mary Kay business becoming one of the youngest Mary Kay directions in her region at only 19 years old. Beth had found a passion for business and beauty. You can see of some Beth’s work at

After being honorably discharged as a sergeant from the USMC Brian earned his MBA degree and began his career as the director of information technology at a local San Diego college and began his career and as an associate professor, teaching courses in computer sciences, business, philosophy and psychology.

In 2003 the couple decided to open their first store, Hair Body and Sol Salon and Boutique was born.

Beth took her passion for business and the beauty industry, coupled with Brian’s passion for business and together they created a small chain of hair salons, Hair Body & Sol, Inc. and HBS Revolution, LLC, both in San Diego, California as well as HBS Serendipity, Inc. located in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Brian and Beth also created and ran a small production company, Ludus, LLC., for four years, dissolving that business after releasing a series of training DVDs. A couple years later, in 2013, Brian added a precious metals exchange, Pacific Coin Exchange, Inc., located in San Diego, to their portfolio of small businesses.

Brian has a popular blog series with Pacific Coin Exchange and had a radio show, both named Financial Fortress. You can subscribe to Brian’s blog series and listen to archived episodes of his radio show in their website,

Within a few years of opening Hair Body & Sol, Beth and Brian grew the business in to the second largest Paul Mitchell Focus Salons in the western United States. During that time Beth has had her work (hairstyling and designs and makeup) featured in numerous fashion magazine editorials including Vogue, Playboy, Chicago Fashion and many others and was nominated for the prestigious North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA), known as the Oscars of the hair and beauty industry.

When you think of fashion trends you typically do not think of Alaska. It was a bit of shock when Beth and Brian announced the opening of their third salon, HBS Serendipity salon in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Beth and Brian have never been a couple to turn from a challenge. Opening and running salons in two states, California and Alaska, has defined the word challenge for the couple.

Despite the challenges, the island town of Ketchikan, Alaska, had never seen the likes of a business model as Beth and Brian had created with the Hair Body & Sol salons.

Beth and Brian fell in love with the people and the culture of Ketchikan, Alaska, with those sentiments being returned to them by the locals. HBS Serendipity, Inc., was an immediate success, with the Beth and Brian bringing southern California trends, coupled with southern charm to southeast Alaska.

Three years after Beth and Brian opened HBS Serendipity in Ketchikan, Alaska, a producer from HGTV contacted Brian having heard of their businesses and more so their track from McDowell, to San Diego, California and now to Ketchikan, Alaska.

A few weeks after Brian spoke to the HGTV producers about their adventures, HGTV flew a production crew to Ketchikan and filmed Beth and Brian for a week as they viewed various Alaskan style houses.

Be sure to watch McDowell’s own Beth and Brian’s adventures on the show “Living Alaska”, tonight, Oct. 30 or catch the repeat Nov. 20 on GAC TV (Great American Channel TV) or HGTV. You can also follow Beth and Brian’s adventures anytime on their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram: @BethWhitfield @DreamerAu @hbsalon, @hbsserendipty.

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