Transforming a throwaway table with chalk paint

The finished product

I really can’t consider myself a new homeowner anymore, since I’ve been in my new house for more than a year now. That doesn’t mean I’m a pro at do-it-yourself projects, though.

When I moved into my home I knew I needed an area that was my own. Somewhere I could write my column, spend downtime and boldly decorate in all the crazy colors I desired.

So, I picked an awkwardly placed bedroom, awkward because you have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other, and turned it into my office/studio/guestroom/catchall room.

In there you’ll find a comfy chair, a wicker bed from my childhood that my dad so lovingly made sure I took with me when I moved out of his house, my paintings, artwork I’ve collected or been given over the years, and an extremely shabby table that I’ve made into a make-shift printer holder.

That table was scavenged from an abandoned building on my grandparents’ land and I have no idea what its original purpose was.

All I know is that it’s about 18 inches long, five inches wide, 30 inches tall and was in need of a major makeover, since its stain had blackened over the years and every screw in the small table was rusted through.

Being the sentimental person I am, I couldn’t imagine getting rid of the battered little side table, so I recently decided to give the “little table that could” a makeover using $17 worth of supplies and about six hours of my time over Labor Day Weekend.

I’m not a fan of covering up wood with paint, because my mother preached against the practice when I was younger after stripping our childhood dresser of three or so layers of paint, but since this piece was made of knotty pine leaving those who viewed it underwhelmed, I decided to redo the project using chalk paint.

Chalk paint was the perfect product for this project because it’s easy to use, provides great coverage and comes in a variety of colors.

After a quick run to Walmart, I came home and wiped down the piece of furniture. Then I started painting. The fun part about the painting with chalk paint is that you don’t have to pay close attention to your brush strokes if you’re going for a shabby-chic look.

In less than 30 minutes I had my first coat of paint on. Two hours later I added my second coat of paint. Then came the hard part, waiting.

Once your paint is where you want it to be, you must wait 24 hours for your paint to season. The next day, I used clear wax to seal the table. Then waited a few more hours and buffed my piece before applying a darker wax, so that the table looked like the antique it is.

Because of the ease of this product, I’m looking for other items to chalk paint. I’ve got a frame that needs to be updated and a side table as well that could use an upgrade, so I’ll probably tackle those pieces later. 

If you’re looking for a product to update one of your household pieces, I recommend you try chalk paint.

Our local Walmart has about six different brands of the stuff, giving you many affordable choices for your next project.

After all, there’s no better way to spend a weekend then turning something drab into something fab.

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