For this week’s column I decided to dig into my vault of Halloween memories to bring you what may be one of the best Halloween parties/concerts I’ve ever been a part of.

The year was 2012. I weighed about 50 pounds more and hadn’t yet blossomed into the sassy and sometimes overly-sarcastic person I am today.

My coworkers at the time kept talking about some guy named “Unknown Hinson.” He started his career as a “vampire” country western singer on Charlotte public access TV when I was but a wee lass and had since become (in)famous amongst those who love rockabilly music, satire and downright weirdness.

After listening to a few of the self-proclaimed “King of Country Western’s” raucous albums, I was hooked. And that Halloween, Unknown was coming to Asheville for a show.

I got online, found a plus-size dress with old horror movie posters printed on it and invited my friends to join me for a night of chart-topping hits and Halloween fun.

We purchased five tickets, my excitement grew, but then life happened. One friend was sick, another was having issues with his dog and needed to stay home and eventually my large group of five turned into just me and another person going to see Unknown Hinson.

I almost didn’t go, because my car’s headlights went out the day before the concert. Talk about a sign that someone shouldn’t journey up the mountain. Fortunately, though, my friend coaxed me into borrowing my dad’s Vietnam Veteran sticker-covered car so we could make the trip. And let me tell you, it’s a night I won’t forget anytime soon.

The crowd was fired up. There were plenty of ghouls and goblins and strange goings-on. There was even a guy dressed as Paul Bunyan and his girlfriend tagged along as Babe the Blue Ox.

Unknown Hinson brought his A-game and played his “hits” like “I Cleaned Out a Room in My Trailer for You” and “Foggy Windows,” – or as Unknown pronounces it “winnders” -- which had the whole crowd singing along.

Before I knew it, the clock had struck 12 and I was still dancing in my horror movie gown and having a great time.

If you love Unknown Hinson or are a purveyor of all things weird and unique, you have a chance to see his Halloween show in person at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. He’ll perform Wednesday, Oct. 31, and there’s no telling what kinds of crazy shenanigans he’ll come up with.

Tickets can be purchased at

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