A little more than three weeks ago, Silvia Martin del Campo’s second-grade class at Eastfield Global Magnet school started digging deep into historical and cultural figures they admire. The end result would be a lesson that hopefully contributes to a more peaceful world.

Living Museum is a program where students chose which person they wished to represent, researched that person and typed a speech to memorize and tell during the program. During the three weeks, the students learned important skills: inquiring, summarizing, memorizing, creating, and much more.

Not only did they research their person and write speeches, but they also searched for props and costumes to dress up as that figure. Also they helped one another learn their characters and the speeches to memorize.

“For me it was important because we shared with others what we learned from our research. I had fun learning about it,” said second-grader Sebastian Cocklin, who represented Theodore Roosevelt.

Another second-grader, Makenzie Roland, represented Rosa Parks.

“People have done acts of kindness in the past and we should be thankful and follow their example,” she said.

Second-grade teacher Silvia Martin del Campo came up with the idea and put together the program, along with her second-grade class.

“I presented the project to Mrs. (Michelle) Baker, the principal, because I wanted to create a different experience for students, a meaningful way to learn about Black History Month, kindness, leadership , and Women’s Day,” she said. “This project, for me, means a lot. This is my way to start changing the world. If I can inspire them to be more kind, thoughtful, grateful, mindful, and empathic, then my job is done, I have contributed to a better future. I want them to have a better and more peaceful world. I’m so proud of each of my students for the way they carried out this project. I’m so thankful for the support I got from my colleagues and especially the Special Area teachers, and Mrs. Rhonda Robbins.”

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