Two young ladies with the gift of song are sharing their voices with the residents of a local nursing home.

As part of a project for Agents of Change, senior Bobbie Taylor and junior Maggie Vaughn lead the Golden Notes Choir at Autumn Care each Monday in the recreation room.

“We have actually gotten a pretty big group now,” said Taylor. “It’s a lot of fun building relationships with those residents. We have a few people that will come regularly.”

Residents join the students in singing recognizable hymns, songs and holiday tunes.

“I think the main thing is building relationships with them because I know a lot of people in there don’t have a lot of family who make it out there to visit,” Vaughn said. “It’s been wonderful and even more than we expected.”

Taylor and Vaughn reached out to a company that makes larger print books for nursing homes, and were able to get them to create a hymn book for the choir.

“They are old songs, from the 30s and 40s, older tunes and hymns, said Taylor. “The company donated the books to the project.”

Sharing a love for singing, both girls were inspired to sing at Autumn Care from memories with their own grandparents. “We both really love to sing and for me singing is something I shared with my grandmother and I was really close to her,” said Taylor. “I just remember sometimes we would go down and I would sing to her and it was like her again, and that was really special and something I personally wanted to share.

“My great-grandfather was also in Autumn Care for a while before he passed away,” said Vaughn. “I remember you could go down the halls and hear him singing and he was known as one of the ones who started a choir there, it’s really nice to go back and keep that spirit alive and give them something to look forward to every week. And it gives us something to look forward to every week because we really enjoy it.”

Note: Over the course of the next several weeks, The McDowell News will feature projects from McDowell High School students who are working to better their community and school culture through an initiative called Agents of Change, developed by College and Career Specialist Pat Gross.

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