McDowell High School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) department is offering new courses for students on a business pathway.

CTE is education that directly prepares students for high wage, high demand careers. CTE covers many different fields including agriculture, architecture, constructions, arts, audio, video, communication, business and finance, health science, hospitality and tourism, human services, information technology, public safety, manufacturing, marketing, science technology and engineering, and transportation.

The new courses include wealth management, sales and merchandising, digital design and animation, advanced game art and design, entrepreneurship and marketing applications.

“We have to constantly change to stay current with business and industry standards,” said CTE Director Mary Finley.

Here is a brief description of each course:

» Wealth Management I & II: The course is designed to cover key strategies for wealth building as students learn to evaluate businesses for investment opportunities while incorporating current headlines and trends, financial resources and stock market simulation. Students will develop techniques to enhance personal wealth building for a secure financial future. Students are presented with ethical dilemmas and problem-solving situations.

» Sales & Merchandising I & II: The course will teach students the basic knowledge around the sales profession. Students will explore careers in selling, personal branding, communication skills, customer service, buying behavior, technology, types of selling, product knowledge and the selling process.

» Digital Design & Animation II: The course emphasizes the use of industry standard digital technology and media to help students develop the artistic and technical skills necessary to play, analyze and create visual solutions to 21st century communication problems.

» Advanced Game Art & Design: This course is a continuation in the study of game design and interactivity. Emphasis is placed on game design, evaluation, scripting and network protocols, and legal issues as well as 3D visual theory.

» Entrepreneurship II: Students develop an understanding of pertinent decisions to be made after obtaining financing to open a small business. Students acquire in-depth understanding of business regulations, risks, management and marketing.

» Marketing Applications: In this course, students will apply an understanding of marketing functions and impact of the functions on business decisions. Through problem solving and critical thinking, students will apply knowledge and skills in the areas of customer relations, economics, financial analysis, channel management, marketing-information management, marketing planning, products and services management and selling.

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