A little late to the game: Catching up on ‘Sharp Objects’ is a treat

I believe each year of a person’s life forms that person in one way or another, and I’m grateful for the time I’ve been granted so far on our humble little planet.

Over the last few years, however, I’ve realized I’m not as young or cool as I used to be. During an outing with a friend with kids, I came away with questions like “What is Fortnight?” and “What the heck is the floss dance?”

I blame streaming television for getting me into HBO’s latest television show “Sharp Objects” late in the game, not my age and unhipness. I recently watched the first two episodes of the new limited-run series.

The show, which follows troubled reporter (go figure) Camille (played by Amy Adams), who is sent to investigate the murder of one teen and disappearance of another in her hometown spins an intricate plot.

Not only do we learn that Camille was a party girl in high school, who went away to college and never planned on coming back to her small town, but we also learn she’s been to a rehabilitation facility for self-mutilation recently and that she has a penchant for booze, especially when having to deal with her overbearing mother.

Among her personal problems, she’s also dealing with a half-sister, who’s half Camille’s age and making the same mistakes the reporter made in a town that might also be the home of a murderer.

If you’re a fan of timelines that jump between the past and present and characters trying to redeem themselves mixed with a good mystery, then I recommend you give HBO’s latest show a watch.

For those who are squeamish to gore, I recommend you put this series on hold. Because Adam’s character does have a past with self-mutilation, or the act of cutting oneself on purpose, the first few episodes of the show are full of flashbacks of Adams harming herself.

Besides that, the language and other pieces of the show are pretty tame for an HBO series.

Episodes of “Sharp Objects” come on HBO on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

More information about the show can be found at hbo.com/sharp-objects.

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