East McDowell middle schoolers put their lessons into action when they built, and erupted, a clay volcano.

“We are studying natural disasters and made a volcano to go with it,” said teacher Lane Harriger. “It’s made out of clay, we cut cardboard up and they molded the clay around the cardboard.”

Garrett Childers, 14, talked about what he learned from creating the project.

“We got on You Tube and searched about volcanoes, and we learned about hot lava, and how much comes out of the volcano,” he said.

Students filed to the East Middle courtyard where they put their volcano to the test. A mixture of red food coloring, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap and water was added to a bottle they placed inside of the homemade structure. The class gathered some onlookers who witnessed the demonstration.

Each student took a turn to set up the volcano, and once the mixture was placed inside the volcano, a mixture of the “lava” flowed out of the top making the project a success.

“The cool thing about volcanoes is about how much you do with it. It was a fun project,” said 15-year-old Scotty Mahan. “We know about the gas and smoke coming out of the top. We know about the lava coming up and coming down the mountain.”

To see video of the volcano project, visit www.mcdowellnews.com.