On Saturday, March 2, McDowell High School’s Science Olympiad team traveled to UNCA for their regional competition. Students did an excellent job representing MHS. Two students, Joseph Moss and Aniya Surratt, were state qualifiers. The varsity team placed fifth overall. Here are the results:


1st place in Disease Detectives: Riley Jo Holland and Maggie Vaughn

1st place in Fermi Questions: Joseph Moss and Aniya Surratt (state qualifiers)

1st place in Forensics: Joseph Moss and Aniya Surratt

1st place in Fossils: Cameron McEntire and Josh Burleson

1st place in Sounds of Music: Cameron McEntire and Eliza Davis


4th place in Astronomy: Bethany Hartwell and Hannah Laws

5th place in Boomilever: Matthew Rink and Dixon Cline

3rd place in Chem Lab: Chris Boyette and Tyler Young

2nd place in Designer Genes: Bobbie Taylor and Channing Wellman

2nd place in Disease Detectives: Bobbie Taylor and Chris Boyette

4th place in Dynamic Planet: Abigail Dayton and Hannah Laws

5th place in Forensics: Bobbie Taylor and Kyle Cox

4th place in Fossils: Abigail Dayton and Lydia Hartwell

2nd place in Mousetrap Vehicle: Vedant Sheth and Tyler Young

5th place in Protein Modeling: Channing Wellman and Bethany Hartwell

5th place in Ping Pong Parachute: Vedant Sheth and Kyle Cox

5th place in Water Quality: Turner Cline and Haley Blackwell

4th place in Wright Stuff: Vedant Sheth and Matthew Rink

5th place in Write it, do it: Autumn Boyles and Lydia Hartwell

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