BREAKING: McDowell election results are in -- sales tax initiative fails

The following are McDowell County totals only (17 of 17 precincts reporting)

McDowell County Commission

Brenda Vaughn Republican 10,145

Tony G. Brown Republican 9,489

David Nelson Walker Republican 8,976

Paula Swepson Avery Democrat 4,618

Michelle Price Democrat 4,443

McDowell Clerk of Superior Court

Melissa Holland Adams Republican 11,841

McDowell County Sheriff

Ricky “Buck” Buchanan Republican 11,880

McDowell County Board of Education Glenwood District

Terry Frank 10,390

McDowell County Board of Education Marion District

Greg Barksdale 5,868

Steve Chapman Jr. 5,714

McDowell County Board of Education Nebo District

Bob Brackett 10,148

McDowell County Board of Education Pleasant Gardens District

Brian Piercy 10,002

McDowell Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

Neil Brackett 10,734

McDowell County local sales and use tax

Against 9,456

For 4,580

U.S. House of Representatives 11th Congressional District

Mark Meadows Republican 10,194

Phillip G. Price Democrat 4,200

Clifton B. Ingram Jr. Libertarian 224

N.C. Senate District 47

Ralph Hise Republican 9,741

David Wheeler Democrat 4,713

N.C. House of Representatives

Josh Dobson Republican 10,523

Howard Larsen Democrat 3,889

District Attorney District 41

Ted Bell Republican 11,792

District Court Judge

Randy Pool 8,030

Corey J. MacKinnon 4,462

For statewide or districtwide results go to:

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