Burrito Bros.’ slogan is “Roll One With Us” and this week UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Weekend” will invite viewers all across the state to roll one with this popular downtown eatery.

The public television show’s segment about Burrito Bros. will air Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It can also be seen online.

On Saturday, March 24, Bob Garner with the public television show came to Marion’s changing downtown where he visited many of the establishments that are open on the weekends. The first segment broadcast on “North Carolina Weekend” was a preview of the Carolina Doughnut Festival. The idea was to tell viewers across the state about the festival and places in the downtown they can check out while they are here like Refinery 13, Mica Town Brewing, the Crooked Door Coffee House, McDowell Local, Spillway Bridge & Co. and Mulligan Mack’s After 5.

In addition, Garner recorded separate segments that focused on two of downtown Marion’s restaurants: Burrito Bros. and Crabby Abby’s Bar & Grill.

Garner is well known to viewers as the state’s foremost expert on restaurants and all kinds of food available in the Tar Heel State. He is also a newspaper columnist, television personality, speaker, author, pitmaster and “connoisseur of North Carolina barbecue and the best Southern traditional foods.” He usually visits locally-owned eateries and samples the food that is available at them.

The first stop on his tour of downtown Marion was Burrito Bros. at 9 N. Main St. There, he enjoyed the Burrito Torpedo, their version of the quesadilla called the Frankendilla and “the near-perfect carnitas.” As Garner sampled the food, cameraman Keith Blatz recorded it all on video.

You can watch Garner's segment about Burrito Bros. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MB22M0hZag

Owned and operated by Daniel and Lee Roy Rodriguez, Burrito Bros. got its start in a food truck which quickly drew the attention of hungry patrons. In May 2017, they opened up their restaurant next door to Refinery 13 and it has become an immediate hit in the downtown. Just recently, the brothers Rodriguez celebrated their one-year anniversary as a Main Street eatery. Readers of The McDowell News have voted Burrito Bros. as the best Mexican restaurant in McDowell County.

While he was there, Garner visited with Daniel and enjoyed some of the Agua de Sandia (watermelon water) too. Lee Roy was unavailable that day.

Garner also interviewed Freddie Killough, director of the Marion Business Association, about how she helped them turn the food truck into a popular downtown eatery and get them involved in the MBA's entrepreneur program.

Garner said to The McDowell News he was impressed with Burrito Bros.’ food and hospitality. He even used a picture of himself and Daniel Rodriguez as the cover photo for the Facebook page of Bob Garner Enterprises.

“Daniel and Lee Roy have a nice balance of forces going for them - almost a front-of-the-house, back-of-the-house kind of thing,” said Garner to The McDowell News.

Garner added Monday the brothers’ experience in running a food truck helped them get their restaurant off to a good start.

“The survival rate of all restaurants would shoot up from 10 percent to who knows where if all new restaurateurs worked in a food truck for a couple of years first,” said Garner to The McDowell News. “They’re edgy in style and even food presentation, but it’s backed up by solid execution and consistency.”

Speaking for himself and his brother, Daniel Rodriguez said he is glad that people across North Carolina will learn more about Burrito Bros.

“We love what we do, and we love meeting new people,” he said to The McDowell News. “When we heard Bob Garner wanted to come ‘Roll One with Us’ we were very excited. Cooking has been has been a big part our family. So if we can take something from scratch, and make something delicious just for you and seeing a smile on your face, that is our drive. Thank you so much for your support. Come Roll One With Us.”

Like the other segments on “North Carolina Weekend,” this one will last around four minutes.

The show will air at 9 p.m. on Thursday and 7:30 p.m. on Friday. Lastly, it will air Saturday morning.

Here in McDowell, UNC-TV can be found on channel 8 on the Charter Spectrum system and on channel 9 on the Morris Broadband system.

The segment about Crabby Abby’s should air the week of June 14.

The Facebook page for UNC-TV also features segments from “North Carolina Weekend” the same week that the particular show airs on TV. You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/publicmediaNC/

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