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Gavin Crough had a goal to help the all the kids in class get an icee, but instead helped get the entire fifth grade the cold treat.

An 11-year-old student at Marion Elementary School saw a need in his classroom, and worked with his mom to help fill it.

Gavin Crough, a fifth-grade student, asked his mom one morning to help him get extra money for kids in his class who never have $2 for a shaved ice treat, which is similar to an Icee. (If you have an elementary student in McDowell County Schools, you know about the Hawaiian ice man who visits the schools each month.)

When it comes time for the treat, “almost half of the class doesn’t get one and that didn’t make me feel good,” Gavin told The McDowell News. “I don’t like when people get left out on things. I like being a team player.”

With the help of social media, Gavin’s mom Tiffany asked the community to step up and help out these kids who didn’t have the money for the monthly treat.

“You could tell the looks on the faces of the other kids that didn’t have money,” said Tiffany. “We had discussed the night before about how some folks don’t have money for food, much less (Hawaiian ice) fun days at school.”

Almost immediately after she posted her message on Facebook, Tiffany said, volunteers stopped by Marion Elementary School to drop off funds for the kids to have the treat that day. Not only did they support the kids in Gavin’s class, but helped fund Hawaiian ice for all the fifth-graders at Marion Elementary.

“I thought that was really cool that they did that,” Gavin said. “The kids were all telling me ‘thank you’, and it just made me feel happy.”

It being Gavin’s last year in elementary school, his mom said, it was really important to him for everybody to have a treat.

“I don’t think anybody understood how moved and compelled Gavin was,” said Tiffany. “He’s still really young, but his caring heart is one of an adult. I feel like I’ve done parenting right.”

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