During the regular Tuesday meeting, two new ideas aimed at young people were presented to the Marion City Council.

Alexus Boykins with the West Marion Community Forum’s Youth Engagement Project spoke to council about the forum’s idea of adding a large chessboard, measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. It would be placed right next to the Keeping It Fresh community garden at the West Marion Park.

This large board would come with big chess pieces that you would have to pick up with two hands in order to make a move in the game. This chessboard could be enjoyed by young and old.

Boykins only asked for the council’s permission to add this feature to the West Marion Park. She didn’t ask the city of Marion to pay for it or do the installation.

Council agreed unanimously to allow the addition.

“That sounds fascinating,” said Mayor Steve Little after he heard of the concept.

Later in the meeting, city officials heard a proposal from Daniel Rodriguez, co-owner of Burrito Bros. Rodriguez said he would like to sponsor a skateboard competition at the McDowell Recreation Center’s skate park, located along West Court Street.

Rodriguez added he’s talked with other local business owners and asked for their help in sponsoring this competition, which would likely feature skateboarders and in-line skating enthusiasts. He didn’t specify a date for this event.

The idea behind this competition would be to raise money for some needed repairs at the skate park. Rodriguez said he wants to get more people involved and put some additional focus on the facility’s needs.

He asked the city to provide a stage, some bleachers and a public address system for the competition.

City Manager Bob Boyette said the city could assist with this event but the maintenance of the skate park was transferred to the McDowell County Recreation Department. Therefore, the competition would need approval from county officials as well.

After a discussion, the City Council agreed to assist with the skating competition.

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