Dancers with Le Petit are heading to Walt Disney World this week to perform a jazzy number at the Magic Kingdom.

Le Petit owner and dance instructor said Candace Jones 25 girls from her studio from ages 10 to 17 will march through Disney on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m. The event will be broadcasted live on Facebook through Dance the World.

“We got the choreography from the company at the end of August,” said Jones. “Then we had to learn it and video ourselves and send it in to make sure we were doing it right. They told us when we get down there to make sure you know the routine because Disney has the right to say you can’t be in if you don’t know it, and since they are going through the Magic Kingdom they are considered a cast member.

For months the group has been practicing for their debut in Disney, which some student dancers have already experienced.

“It’s so fun,” said 13-year-old Kayleigh Freeman. “For the ones who haven’t been, they are in for a treat.”

When asked about the choreography, the girls said they were ready to perform, and the most difficult part is dancing and walking--which they practice by circling the parking lot at the studio.

“It’s hard to stay in your lines, and we usually get all bunched up,” said Mattie Thomas, 12.

Once the girls arrive at Disney they will have a rehearsal with the company before the parade.

“We get to have a class with Disney dancers,” said Allie Proctor, 12. “We get to learn about what the Disney dancers do and it’s a lot of fun.”

The cost for traveling and performing at Disney is pretty steep and the studio has been fundraising to get money to go. Folks who want to donate to their trip, can contact Jones at Le Petit Dance Studio at 460-1003.

“I am proud of these girls. They work really hard,” said Jones. “We are very excited.”

A video of their routine can be viewed at

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