This Saturday, the luck of the Irish will be felt in Marion as crowds of people enjoy beverages and food during the second annual St. Patrick’s Day Downtown Pub Crawl.

Last year, several downtown businesses all took part in the first ever pub crawl for Marion. This event for St. Patrick’s Day was a huge success as hundreds of people roamed the streets enjoying all of what our thriving downtown has to offer now. Other similar events were held later in 2018 for Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Halloween.

On Saturday, the event will start at 11 a.m. (depending on which business is open at that hour) and will end when the last one closes. And this year’s St. Patrick’s Day crawl has grown to include nine participating businesses, two of which have opened since the first one. The crawl will be held on Saturday since St. Patrick’s Day is actually on Sunday this year.

The businesses are Burrito Bros., Crabby Abby’s Bar and Grill, McDowell Local, Mica Town Brewing Co., Mountain Marquee, Mulligan Mack’s After 5, Refinery 13, the Six Pack Factory and the Loft, Spillway Bridge & Co.

Like the previous pub crawls, this one is self guided and you can start at any one of these nine establishments. At the first place you visit, you will receive a passport.

But organizer Emily Causey with Mica Town said there is a twist this time because of the growing number of places to visit. This twist involves a game of poker.

“At every stop, you’ll draw a playing card from a deck of cards,” said Causey to The McDowell News. “The server will write the playing card suite and number or face on your passport and sign it. After your fifth stop, you’ll have a complete poker hand. If you choose to go to more than five places, you’ll increase your chances at creating a better poker hand. When you’re done, you’ll circle the five cards you’d like to use as you final hand and leave it with a server at your last stop.”

Causey and other organizers will round up all the passports and name a winner or winners after the event. The person or group with the best poker hand will win the grand prize, consisting of donated items from these downtown businesses.

“Like all the others, there’s no registration fee,” said Causey. “The only requirement is to have fun and to enjoy all that downtown Marion has to offer. The poker twist was to change it up a bit and to encourage people to visit more places since we have so many businesses.”

Another business associated with this event is Coley’s Graphics and More. This small firm on South Garden Street has made green commemorative T-shirts for the pub crawl. It also has raglans and scarves.

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