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Josh Smith, a ninth-grade student at McDowell Early College, was honored at October’s school board meeting for his Eagle Scout project at East McDowell Middle School.

Smith took the podium and talked to the board members about his project.

“The reason I chose to do my Eagle Scout project at the East McDowell Middle School stadium area is because I saw how much the area was used for much more than the school purposes,” he said. “If you saw it before it was not a pleasing sight to buy food at. It had major rusting, no permanent trash receptacles and not a very welcoming environment. Inside there were many safety hazards and dangerous location to work in.”

He said after working with the administration and East McDowell, the goal posts are now cleaned and bright white.

“Thanks to the City of Marion we have now have two trash receptacles placed around the track,” said Smith. “The upper stadium is updated with long-lasting materials and cleaned, newly painted and very welcoming to fans and guests who want to purchase food.”

His next concern about the stadium is wheelchair accessibility.

“After watching a recent game, I have noticed many people in wheelchairs not able to walk up and down stairs, and they have had to sit at the top or go in the lower entrance at sit at the track away from their family and friends,” said Smith. “I was wondering if the city of Marion and EMMS could work together to make the stadium wheelchair accessible for all friends and family of athletes. It’s not very smart for someone to attempt to go down the hill and not nice to sit on the track area.”

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