West Marion Elementary’s club Muddy Potters planted, grew, picked and prepared a garden-to-table meal for their parents, teachers and community members.

On May 17, students showed approximately 100 guests to their seat at the extra-long table set out in the front of the school.

The menu for the meal included spaghetti with homemade marinara with locally- and garden-grown peppers, onions and garlic; with meatballs from local grass-fed beef and pork, garden herbs, onion and garlic; a garden salad with mixed greens and local hydroponic lettuce; fresh-baked bread with olive oil, garden basil pesto and honey butter from Sweet Betsy Farm; and a strawberry cake made with fresh eggs, fresh whipped cream and Mama Jean’s fresh strawberries.

“The kids canned spaghetti sauce last fall with all fresh local ingredients,” said Muddy Potters instructor Carleen Policella. “We also harvested basil and made frozen pesto which we served as dipping oil for the fresh baked bread. The meal was served family style. The kids served drinks bread, fresh cracked pepper and desserts. They prepped all the food and helped cook the massive pot of spaghetti.”

The purpose of the whole experience, Policella said, is to show kids how a community comes together, plus the joy of doing something nice in return is equally rewarding.

“These kids worked so hard the whole year,” she said. “I adore this event and look forward to next years’.”

The students also decorated the tables, held a basket raffle and teacher Benjamin Moore provided dinner music.

Muddy Potters:

Lily Underwood

Kalyn Smith

Kyna Ruff

Isaiah Mosteller

Hannah Juarez

Isaiah Anthony

Gabriela Fuentes

Addison Ray

Clover Yzquierdo

Caroline Anderson

Laina Edge

Eliza Gupton

Cayla Cates

Millie McClure

Esmerelda Queriapa

Cutter Greene

Noel Carson

Ciera Smith

Ryan Pack

Kam Elkins

Gracie Hendricks

Zoey Revis

Landon Rayfield

Ami Cowart

Grayson Hollifield

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