Starting this Thursday on Halloween night, Keeper’s Cut Meadery will kick off its month-long effort to help the Foothills Food Hub feed the hungry in our local community.

On Halloween night, Keeper’s Cut Meadery will host the All Hallow’s Eve Ghostly Gathering & Foothills Food Hub Fundraiser Kickoff. This special event will take place from 7 to 11 p.m. Thursday at the meadery located at 175 W. Henderson St. A thank gift will be given to each guest who comes in costume and donates a pantry item or $3 to the Foothills Food Hub.

Starting Thursday and continuing through the month of November, Keeper’s Cut will raise money and accept food donations for the Foothills Food Hub.

When it is complete, the Hub will significantly address the problem of food insecurity in McDowell, support a local food economy, and transform the food system and public health infrastructure in the local community. The Hub will support the local food economy and provide support to farmers by offering services related to produce packing and storage. It will serve as a central site for farmers who are working to diversify their market opportunities. It will also be a central hub where “donated food for food pantries, including healthy fresh and frozen foods, can be delivered in bulk and stored for pickup by partner agencies and food pantries of all sizes, making it easier to get fresh, healthy food to those in need.” The Foothills Food Hub will bring the community together and offer services to help improve health outcomes and increase community connectivity, through programs such as cooking classes, culinary training, a commercial kitchen, and a center for community agencies to do outreach, according to a statement by the Hub’s leaders.

Already, the Foothills Food Hub has a location in one section of Nebo Crossing’s large building at the end of Barnes Road. But much more work remains to be done before it is fully a reality.

Amie Myers is the events coordinator for Keeper’s Cut Meadery. The mead served at her business is made from honey which is created by honeybees. That means the beverages made and sold at Keeper’s Cut are agricultural products. Even more importantly, bees play a vital role in our local food supply, she said.

“We wanted to fund a local organization to support in November, particularly a food organization,” she said to The McDowell News. “November can be a stressful time for families due to Thanksgiving and the holidays.”

So on Thursday night, Keeper’s Cut will start its fund-raising and food-gathering drive for the Foothills Food Hub during the business’s Halloween party. The event will feature mulled mead, cocktails, food specials and spooky snacks. In the spirit of the Halloween season, there will be Tarot card readings and supernatural story tellings that will be livestreamed.

There will also be a costume contest and you don’t even have to show up in a costume either. Keeper’s Cut will have some costumes and props available for those who want to dress up. A photo booth will be set up for those who want their pictures made in spooky outfits. The event will have a pop-up shop with candles, incense, herbal teas and pendants from M&D Paranormal.

In addition, the haunted house A Nightmare on Logan Street has agreed to be open Thursday night for this special event. This haunted attraction by Sherry Deal is located across the street from Keeper’s Cut Meadery in the lower level of the Miller Complex building.

“It promises to be an interesting night,” said Myers.

And that is just the kickoff. Throughout the month of November, Keeper’s Cut Meadery will continue to accept non-perishable foods and monetary donations for the Foothills Food Hub.

“We are big believers in local food as a source of community wellness and strength,” said Myers to The McDowell News. “We are thankful to be a part of such a warm and welcoming community here and thought a partnership with the Foothills Food Hub would be a good way to share our gratitude with the larger community.”

For more information, visit the Facebook page for the event:

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