Getting the books into the hands of children over the summer was the immediate goal for West Marion Elementary media specialist Ashley Greene.

“I am very excited about our new Little Free Library,” Greene said. “I am always looking for ways to promote reading and encourage our students and families to read more at home. I have had many donations of books from West Marion parents, teachers, students and community members.”

With the support of her administrators, the Little Free Library at West Marion Elementary came to fruition, and is already being utilized by the community.

“The concept of the Little Free Library is take a book and leave a book. I go a few times a week to change the books out so that new ones are added,” said Greene. “Students can come borrow as many books as they would like from the Little Free Library. In return they can donate books or bring back the books when they are finished reading them. Already, I have seen some new books added by someone other than me!”

Although leaving a book is not required, she hopes that the community will support this venture by allowing their children to come and get a book to read over the summer.

“By creating this Little Free Library, I am hoping that families are able to stop by and take books home to read not just throughout the summer, but all year long,” Greene said. “Hopefully this will help students to keep up with their reading over the summer and come back to school ready to begin again at the same reading level as when they left in the spring, if not higher.”

Greene even wants to see your kids reading by sending her pictures of your child with a book.

“I am enjoying seeing pictures of students using the Little Free Library this summer,” she said. “Even if only one child uses it all summer that is worth it to me. Also, the Little Free Library is not open just for students and families of WMES. It is open to all.”

The Little Free Library was built by the carpentry class at McDowell High School, some who were former West Marion students.

“Mark Lowman together with Charlie Davis and students in the class brought the Little Free Library to life,” said Greene. “I was so excited when they dropped off the house at West Marion because former WMES students were in the class and helped Little Free Library.”

The Little Free Library at West Marion is registered at where you can search other free book houses all over the world. The library is located in front of the school in the circle. Another library is located at 1423 U.S. 70 West in Marion, according to

Greene added a goal for the upcoming year is to plant a tree in honor of West Marion’s former principal Nakia Carson, and to place something for West Marion student Hannah Bright who died at the age of 11 two years ago with complications she suffered with from birth.

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