Thanks to a donation from a local business, West Marion Elementary’s art program will be able to create something new using antique lumber.

Antique Reclaimed Lumber LLC recently donated wood to West Marion Elementary’s art program. Carleen Anderson, the art teacher at West Marion Elementary, and her two daughters Annalee and Laina Edge came over to pick up the wood. The art teacher plans to have her students sand and work with the wood as a unique opportunity for them to express their artistic abilities, according to information from Antique Reclaimed Lumber.

Phillip Price, owner of Antique Reclaimed Lumber, said he would like to share the fact with the children that this wood has been recycled many times.

“This wood is from old growth lumber, from trees that grew a hundred years ago or more,” he said. “The trees were harvested from our ancient forests and formed into planks and beams with tools that are no longer used today. This lumber was used to build structures such as barns, houses, and businesses throughout the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. After the structures served their purpose, they were deconstructed and the wood was reclaimed.”

This old growth lumber had it nails removed and then trimmed, sorted and stored. Then the hunt for a new home starts. Phillip Price meets with new clients to design furniture or flooring, finalize wood options, and pick out finishes. Then the crafting begins.

Woodworkers and master carpenters mill and build new wood products including tables, book shelves, vanities, benches, chests and cabinets that end up in people’s homes or businesses. The wood donated to West Marion Elementary was the trimmings from these projects.

“With rich history, beauty and durability, this wood continues to offer gifts,” said Phillip Price.

Phillip and Michelle Price said they hope that students and teachers at West Marion Elementary enjoy working with the wood as they create something new.

“Our school holds electives on Mondays,” said Anderson. “The kids get to sign up for these classes. With this donation, we will hold a working class where the kids will sand, cut and build boxes, plaques, signs etc. Our school appreciates the opportunity to work with a great product like this. Recycling and repurposing activities are right up my alley.”

Anderson said she thinks she can speak for all art teachers that donations like these make struggling programs such as the arts become more successful and lets our youth show off skills they didn’t know they had.

“Thank you Price family and Antique Reclaimed Lumber company,” she added.

The Prices said they seek to keep this valuable resource out of our local landfills and into a new home by upcycling the wood into new products such as wide plank flooring, hand-hewn beams, barn wood, handcrafted custom furniture, doors and art.

You may learn more about Antique Reclaimed Lumber at

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