Foothills Industries recognized for 10 years of employee safety

NC Department of Labor and Foothills Industries members during the presentation. From left to right: Amy Stroud (Board Member), Stephen Galle (Maintenance & Safety Inspector), Nancy Moore (Director of Services), Cindy Bird (Service Coordinator & Safety Inspector), Joy Shuford (Board President), Janet Owens (Customer Service Representative & Safety Coordinator), Kevin O'Barr (NCDOL) and Steve Early (CEO)


On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the N.C. Department of Labor recognized Foothills Industries as a participant in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for more than 10 consecutive years. The program recognizes companies for a commitment to the safety and health of their employees.

Consultative Services Bureau Chief Kevin O’Barr presented company officials with a special plaque with Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry’s signature during a presentation at the company’s headquarters held on Feb. 6. Consultative Services is recognizing those companies that have been in the program for 10 years or more throughout 2019. There are 31 companies statewide that have reached this anniversary. Among those, Foothills Industries was initially enrolled in SHARP in August 2007.

“Companies involved in our SHARP program go above and beyond what is required to keep their employees safe and ensure that they make it home to their loved ones,” Commissioner Berry said. “Those who have been in our program for 10 consecutive years are even more impressive and I applaud this achievement.”

The SHARP Award is designed for small to mid-size businesses. Companies that qualify for the award show that they have developed and maintained good safety programs for workers. To qualify for the program, injury and illness rates for the site must be below the national average for the industry, and NCDOL safety and health consultants must complete an assessment of the workplace.

“The one thing we’re proud of is that we really involve all of our participants in our safety program and they provide so much input as far as good ideas, and they are experts in small details,” said Foothills Industries CEO Steve Early. “It helps make our program stronger and that’s what it’s all about.”

The mission of Foothills Industries is to provide vocational and life-skills training and employment for persons with disabilities in order to maximize independence and employment while providing quality products at competitive costs and on-time delivery to their customers.

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