The rules for governing the sanitation of food service establishments are based on a system of scoring.

A food establishment that earns a score of at least 90 percent shall receive a grade A; 80 percent and less than 90 percent shall receive a grade B; 70 percent and less than 80 percent shall receive a grade. Permits shall be immediately revoked in accordance with G.S. 130A-23(d) for food establishment receiving a score of less than 70 percent. All of the information about inspections is available at

Arby’s: 97 A (inspected on 1/7/19)

BBQ Hut: 97 A (inspected on 1/30/19)

Bojangles of North Main Street: 97 A (inspected on 1/24/19)

Elliott’s Diner: 95.5 A (inspected on 1/30/19)

FATZ Café: 93.5 A (inspected on 1/15/19)

Golden Fried Chicken: 94.5 A (inspected on 1/25/19)

Hook & Anchor: 97 A (inspected on 1/10/19)

Louise’s Rockhouse: 95.5 A (inspected 1/18/19)

Luisa’s Italian Restaurant: 95.5 A (inspected 1/18/19)

Mountain Marquee: 99.5 A (inspected 1/22/19)

New China Buffett: 94 A (inspected 1/16/19)

Pizza Hut: 97.5 A (inspected 1/31/19)

Shelba’s Place: 95 A (inspected 1/3/19)

Stuckey’s Dairy Queen: 93.5 A (inspected 1/14/19)

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