If you hear a ghostly voice in the night or find yourself confronted by a supernatural entity, then a group called M&D Paranormal say they are ready to help you find out who or what is behind it.

Formed recently, this is a new group in McDowell County that investigates reports of paranormal phenomena either locally or at other places around western North Carolina.

M&D Paranormal is comprised of just three members: Mary Goyer, her daughter Tess Goyer and their friend Daniel Hurst. Together, they check out places that some believe could be home to ghosts.

“As I have had many personal experiences that have given me a long standing dream to experience and discover the paranormal I would like to use the knowledge and experiences, along with my various professional skills, to try to help those who have experienced paranormal activity,” said Hurst. “To help them understand what has happened and be there for them so they know they are not alone and have a place to feel comfortable expressing themselves. This is where the idea for M&D Paranormal was born.”

This small but dedicated group wants the local community to know more about them and what they do. The members of M&D Paranormal will hold a “meet and greet” event on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the lower level of the McDowell County Public Library in Marion, which will be open again to the public. They are also partnering with the McDowell County Historical Society for the upcoming Historical Ghost Walk through the downtown, scheduled for the days leading up to Halloween.

Together, the trio investigates what could be a haunting or some other strange occurrences at a house or a property. Their investigations are performed at the request of the property owner who may be confronted with something they cannot explain. Oftentimes, paranormal experiences are frightening, according to the members.

M&D Paranormal members said they seek to educate the public and remove some of the stigma associated with believing in the supernatural.

“The goal for M&D Paranormal is to establish a forum that not only allows for discussion and support for like-minded people, but to also assist those that have experienced paranormal activity they may not fully understand,” said Hurst. “Most concerning, some paranormal experiences can have lingering effects and we, at M&D Paranormal want to be available for our clients to offer not just support, but also education. The vision for M&D Paranormal is not only to find evidence to investigate, but to support as well.

“The paranormal is becoming more widely accepted and mainstream, however, there is still a stigma, we want to help erase that through as professional, practical, therapeutic approach to the paranormal experience.”

Both Mary Goyer and Hurst are certified paranormal investigators through the Warren Institute for Paranormal Studies. This institute was founded by Joshua Warren, Asheville’s famous paranormal expert. He’s written books like “Haunted Asheville” and has done extensive research and investigations into the ghostly and unexplained phenomena of western North Carolina, including the “Pink Lady” at the Grove Park Inn and the Brown Mountain Lights.

Before they do an investigation, the members will look into the history of the house, building or property.

“We do a lot of historical investigating of the property,” said Mary Goyer.

They also make sure to rule out any rational explanations before deciding that what is happening is truly something ghostly.

“Some people think everything is paranormal but that’s not always the case,” said Hurst. “We want to validate the experience regardless of whether it is paranormal or something that can be easily explained.”

They sign a confidentiality form to protect the privacy of the client.

M&D Paranormal uses EMF meters that can detect the electromagnetic frequencies and determine the strength of an energy field. They carry an assortment of other electronic devices. DVR cameras and flood lights are also useful for a paranormal investigation.

Neither Hurst nor Mary Goyer said they have been afraid while doing this.

“No, I’ve not been scared during an investigation,” said Mary Goyer. “Protecting and grounding myself comes first. I always pray for the protection of every team member, both before and after investigations…When my work is done, I politely ask the spirits to leave myself and team members alone and also tell them that they are not allowed in my energy field nor are they allowed in my home.”

“I personally have not been afraid during an investigation,” said Hurst. “I believe this to be attributed to several factors. I am of the belief that a spiritual entity holds no dominion over the physical realm other than what we allow them. This is not to say that I take any entity that we encounter lightly. I do respect the situation and believe in and have my own ways of protecting myself…Most entities that we encounter don’t want to harm us anyway.

“However on our last investigation we had a guest with us, she was watching our DVR screen when she heard a child speak and then was touched, her reaction was to run and lock herself in a car. She remained there for the rest of the investigation.”

Although Hurst said he has not been scared, there are some places where he felt unwelcome by whatever entities were present.

“Uneasiness comes with the territory, especially if you have any sensitivity,” he said. “I was doing an investigation and entered the basement of an old abandoned hospital. This hospital had been the site for many things and had at one point housed Japanese POWs. When I entered this basement, I saw a shadow figure trail down the stairs behind me and into the darkness. The air was heavy and pregnant with what I could only call disdain and oppression. I felt in my bones that we were not wanted there. As I approached an opening in a wall, a small doorway, I looked in and saw rows of dirt piled to look like graves. The air was so thick and the feeling of foreboding was as tangible as the heat of summer. I was very uneasy. I was not wanted.”

When they are done, the members of M&D Paranormal said the property owners appreciate their work.

“Our clients are very thankful about what we do,” said Mary. “Our findings validate what they feel, what they hear or what they say.”

All three members have a rich background in paranormal research.

Mary Goyer was born and raised in Chicago, which is one of the nation's most haunted cities. As a child, she found herself being drawn to the supernatural places in the Windy City and became truly fascinated by it. In July 2006, she relocated to North Carolina. She soon became interested in the ghostly history of McDowell County and the surrounding area. These included some well-known locations such as the Brown Mountain Lights, Historic Carson House, the Haney house and the Yancey house as well as other private locations.

Her daughter Tess moved here along with her mother. Tess said she is now working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and human services at Montreat College and will graduate in August 2018. Tess has been working in health care for six years, with the last two working directly with mental health and substance abuse patients. Like her mother, she has always been fascinated with the paranormal.

“I would like to take my personal and academic experiences in health care, mental health and substance abuse and apply them to helping others who have faced, suffered, or are intrigued by the paranormal,” said Tess. “My personal goal with M&D Paranormal is to help others validate and acknowledge their own personal experiences, give them a voice in understanding that they are not alone in any aspect of their life and that support is out there, and most importantly educate them in ways to help further own personal knowledge of the paranormal and protect themselves in any future experiences that may have.”

Like Mary and Tess Goyer, Hurst has been intrigued by the supernatural since he was young.

“I have experienced a wide range of paranormal activity from spirits, projection, to unexplained creatures,” he said. “A majority of these experiences were on the land I spent most of my childhood.”

Hurst said he has a background in different types of health care, mainly psychiatric care, as well as an education in criminal justice. As a youth, he used a disposable camera, a voice recorder and his gut instincts to check out strange phenomena.

“As I have become more experienced, I have been more privileged to have many great teachers of the paranormal throughout my life and I have tried to learn everything I could, ranging from card and coin readings to energy and crystal work,” he said. “I hope to never stop learning as this is my greatest adventure.”

“I enjoy getting together with our crew and investigating haunted locations as well as looking for paranormal happenings,” said Mary. “Though, our overall goal is to assist individuals and to provide a professional undertaking and a reasonable approach to paranormal phenomenon.”

For more information, email MandDParanormal@gmail.com or call 828-231-6476. You can also check out the Facebook page for M&D Paranormal.

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