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Recent high school graduate and NJROTC cadet Kaitlyn Davis, who received over $250,000 in scholarship money this year, completed her new student requirements this summer.

A 2019 McDowell High School graduate, Davis was awarded a one-year scholarship to College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts followed by a four-year NROTC scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

Davis’ whirlwind summer culminated this past week with her graduation from New Student Indoctrination (NSI) at Naval Station Great Lakes. She is now officially a midshipman headed to the University of Notre Dame. A midshipman is an officer of the junior-most rank in the U.S. Navy.

Several hundred midshipmen candidates from across the United States completed the three-week indoctrination. NSI is designed to prepare them for the NROTC program. Upper-class midshipmen, instructors and staff from NROTC units across the country, oversaw and instructed the midshipman candidates with assistance from the Recruit Division Commanders and instructors assigned to Recruit Training Command, as well as Marine Corps Drill Instructors.

Davis was issued her uniforms in addition to training in the five warfighting competencies – firefighting, damage control, seamanship, watch standing and marksmanship, as well as close order drill, swimming, physical fitness and military inspections.

During the intense three weeks, Davis was named a squad leader for her platoon, and they won the drill competition.

“Between the Navy’s NSI and new student indoctrination at Notre Dame I have had a busy summer. I can’t wait for the school year to start,” said Davis. “The pressure will not let off as I will be academically challenged at Notre Dame, busy with the NROTC program requirements and I hope to be selected to be on the Notre Dame marching band.”

Davis was the second in command as executive officer of the NJROTC program at McDowell High School.

“Ms. Davis earned this scholarship by her hard work and commitment. When one combines the value of her preparatory classes at Holy Cross and her course of study at the University of Notre Dame the Navy is investing over $250,000 in her education,” said Capt. Steven Ross, an MHS NJROTC instructor. “We are confident she will make an outstanding naval officer. Hopefully other McDowell High students will follow her lead.”

She plans to study biology.

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