Rotary Club recognizes Student of the Week

On Thursday, March 14, the Rotary Club of Marion recognized Stacey Juarez Romero as the Student of the Week.

Romero is in the 10th grade at McDowell Early College and is the daughter of Margarita Romero and Froylan Sanchez. She is typically an A/B honor roll student meaning she earned a high B in math and A in everything else. In the last finals, she was one out of three people who got a 5 on the English exam. She is passionate about school and work and is known for being friendly and polite at school.

When she is not doing homework or at work, she likes to draw, dance and sing. She can braid, sew and her cooking is improving. In the summer and spring, she runs laps around her neighborhood and in the winter she stays inside and reads.

After graduation, Romero plans to attend Appalachian State University and graduate with an MBA so that one day she can be an accountant.

She was introduced to the club by Rotarian Steve Pierce and received a certificate from President Dennis Whitson.

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