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The McDowell County Board of Education unanimously voted to continue with the system-wide breakfast program, which offers all students a free morning meal.

Director of School Nutrition Jon Haynes presented the board with facts and figures from the past year on school breakfast and lunch.

“The really great thing we saw with our breakfast program was that our participation increased county-wide by 40,000 reimbursable meals,” he said. “Some of that increase was a direct result in implementing innovative breakfast strategies in the schools.”

Haynes stated that in 2018-2019, 530,611 breakfasts and over 627,000 lunches were served.

“That’s almost 1.2 million meals served out of our program and we are really excited about that,” he said.

Haynes recommended to the board to continue the breakfast program. He added they are not asking for any meal price increases this year.

“We have worked really hard to get our students eating breakfast with us,” said Haynes. “This is our best financial year since 2007-2008.”

The board approved a motion to continue the breakfast program in all of McDowell County schools to be evaluated each year.

The board also voted to approve bids for vendors and distributors for school nutrition. The following companies were approved: milk, ice cream from Pet Dairy; bread from Flowers Baking Company; produce from P&R Produce; grocery and supplies from U.S. Foods; beverages with Pepsi.

In other business:

-Terry English updated the board on the stream stabilization project at North Cove Elementary School. “Contractors were able to start early and are making progress,” he said “It should be completed by the time school starts. The boards’ hope when applying for the grant to get this project is that it will be an environmental education center for all students in the county. There will be a shelter area, pollinator habitats, and walking trail.”

-McDowell County Schools Teacher of the Year Renata Crawley made her first presentation at the school board meeting Monday night. She said her platform will revolve around the importance of outdoor learning immersing children in nature, and inquiry-based science lessons. She also talked about one of her favorite sessions at the Model Schools Conference.

-Garrett read the 2018-2019 Retirement Resolution to include these names: David Comer, Debra Brewer, Joy Smith, Carolyn Wilson, Amy Clark, Milligros Baker, Penny Jackson, Janice Olson, Linda Greene, Deborah Poteat, Laura Mathis, Edward Smith, Paige Ziegler, John C. Gowan, Teresa Millwood, Sharon Hollifield, Clifton Buckner, Lois Elaine Ferguson, Susan Lambert, Daphne Daniels, Kathleen Palmer, Doris Burleson, Ramona Williams, Beverly Kirkland, Susan Wild-Salladin, Patsy Childers and Dr. Donna Gardner. A motion was made to accept the resolution.

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