Patrick Braxton-Andrew

Patrick Braxton-Andrew

A Spanish teacher at Woodlawn School in Mooresville who went missing while on a trip to Mexico two weeks ago was killed there, according to information his family posted Thursday on Facebook.

The Facebook post said officials continue to look for the body of Patrick Braxton-Andrew, 34, and his killers.

“Based on information provided by the Chihuahua State authorities, it is with great sadness that we announce that Patrick died on October 28th at the hands of a criminal organization that operates in the area where he was traveling,” the post read.

Braxton-Andrew went missing Oct. 24 after leaving his hotel in the town of Urique, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. He was supposed to meet his brother in Mexico City on Oct. 30, but he never arrived.

“Patrick died doing what he loved—traveling and meeting people,” the Facebook post said. “Join us in celebrating his life as he would want us to do. We will always remember Patrick and his joy for life. We love you PBA.”

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