National Telecommunicators Week

KANNAPOLIS – The City of Kannapolis police and fire departments are honoring and recognizing dedicated telecommunicators who handle thousands of emergencies each year within the City of Kannapolis and surrounding areas during National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week, April 9-15.

The departments want to express a deep appreciation for their efforts. These dedicated individuals dispatch Kannapolis police officers, fire suppression units, medical units, and coordinate with surrounding agencies for other law enforcement, fire services and emergency medical services.

“Our communications personnel work behind the scenes and are sometimes overlooked and underappreciated,” says Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis. “They work diligently under stressful situations to keep our emergency personnel and citizens safe. Their professionalism, compassion, and skills are unrivaled. We want to recognize and honor them for the fantastic job they do each and every day.”

In 2016, the telecommunicators of the Kannapolis Police Department answered over 15,000 e911 emergency calls which equates to approximately 41 daily and over 84,000 administrative calls during that time.

The main function of the Kannapolis Police Department’s Communication Center is to satisfy the immediate informational needs of emergency first responders in the course of their assigned duties. The center is designed to facilitate the exchange of information from the public to law enforcement, fire personnel, medical responders and other emergency responders.

Telecommunicators are trained to respond to a wide variety of emergencies that may arise each day. They must be able to retrieve information from callers while reassuring the caller and sending emergency services units to assist them; often during periods of extreme stress and heavy call volume. They must be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time, such as taking information over the telephone, dispatching units over the radio, and receiving computer messages at the same time. They often dispatch for police and fire emergency services and are engaged with both emergency services at the same time for the same incident.

For over 25 years, public safety agencies nationwide have recognized the pivotal role played by telecommunications personnel who utilize telephones, radios, computers and technical skill to provide support to Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and Emergency Medical Services during National Telecommunicator Week in April.

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