ADVANCE — Six babies born within six months to six oncology nurses met for the first time Friday night.

Amid a symphony of cries, coos and giggles, their mothers introduced them as they swapped baby clothes and stories about their baby’s sleeping patterns at nurse Katie Carlton’s home in Advance.

The babies — four boys and two girls — were all born last year. Their mothers all work together at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

“It’s been such a great journey, getting to go through this with all these girls and experience the same things,” said mother Nikki Huth, who has a 3-month son, Wyatt. “Motherhood has been a joy, and it’s even better doing it with friends.”

The six mothers, known as the “Fabulous Six-Pack,” caused a stir last summer when they all announced their pregnancies within a couple months of each other, leading patients to joke about “what’s in the water” at the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Nina Day, 33, was the first to give birth to baby boy Harrison on July 30, just two hours after she clocked out of work.

Carlton, 36, took up the caboose with her son Chandler being born Dec. 5.

When they met Friday, each of the babies — who range in age from about 1 month to 6 months — modeled matching pink and blue T-shirts, numbered for their birth order.

“Chandler’s still a newborn and Harrison’s the oldest so he’s reaching at him and doing things,” said Carlton, whose son wore a “#6” T-shirt. “It’s cool to see all the different stages of babies.”

The tight-knit group of mothers spend most of their days together, working from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., in the department of 27 nurses — the vast majority of whom are women.

Among the six women are two first-time mothers, Emily Johnson, 28, and Huth, 28.

Over the past several months, Johnson and Huth said they’ve frequently reached out to the four veteran mothers for advice and to ask questions.

“I’ve learned every baby’s different and just to take it day by day,” said Johnson, whose daughter, Peyton, is now 4 months old. “It’s great to be able to ask questions about every little thing. It’s been a great support system.”

Sabrina Hudson, 36, said she anticipates her new daughter, Amelia, will be having many play dates with the other babies over the years.

Mother Bethany Stringer, 30, echoed the sentiment.

“We’ve kind of become one big family,” said Stringer, who had baby boy Hudson in September. “I think there will be lots of milestones together.”

As for the oncology department, there’s been no word of any new pregnancies, but that doesn’t mean the patients have let the subject go.

They frequently ask for photos as the babies grow and enjoy frequent updates, Day said.

“It brightens their days when they’re having chemo, and we can show them pictures and tell them stories about our babies,” Day said. “Who doesn’t like babies?”

The mothers said they never expected to get propelled into the spotlight after being featured nationally on the Today show.

For them, the best part has just been getting to go through the experience with each other.

“We’re all so close and now we’re going to force our babies to be best friends,” Carlton joked. “It’s been so much fun.”

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