McDowell’s teacher of the year Benjamin Moore was in the running to drive a new Ford Edge or Subaru for a year thanks to Mike Brown Ford-Subaru of Spruce Pine. Moore fell short of the grand prize but still walked away with a gift certificate for parts and service at the dealership.

The big winner however was Avery County’s Teacher of the Year Brittany Phillips as the recipient of the Mike Brown Ford-Subaru Teacher of the Year Ride with Us Award. The award offers the recipient their choice of a new Ford Edge or Subaru Outback to drive free, other than the cost of insurance and fuel, for one year, courtesy of Mike Brown Ford-Subaru.

“We would also like to congratulate Benjamin Moore of McDowell County, Matthew Hurd of Mitchell County and Jane Miller of Yancey County. Each of them is the Teacher of the Year for their respective county and they were all given a $250 gift certificate for parts and service at our store. We like to reward teachers for all of their hard work. Everyone was a winner,” said Mike Brown.

During their almost 32 years of marriage, Mike and Janet Brown have lived and worked in many communities and have always seen the importance of community involvement. Education is something they both feel strongly about and they are showing their commitment and support by rewarding those who work tirelessly to better the lives of the students of Avery, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey counties.

“Some of the most influential people in my life have been teachers and coaches, and it is very exciting and rewarding to hand over the keys to Brittany Phillips, Avery County’s teacher of the year. Her commitment to making a difference inspires us all and supports our goal of promoting education,” said Janet.

They actively support education by providing the Mike and Janet Brown scholarship to the John A. Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University to graduating seniors from their local market area.

“My mother grew up in a small farming community in Deep Gap, North Carolina and was the youngest of eleven children. There were eight girls and three boys; even during the early/mid 1900s, her parents made sure that all 11 children finished high school and went on to post-high school education,” said Janet. “Due to that fact, my parents made education a priority in our house, and Mike and I have strived to put the same emphasis on education in raising our own children.”

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