Thursday is the day for everyone to show how much they appreciate the McDowell Trails Association by supporting local businesses.

Recently, Mayor Steve Little proclaimed Thursday, May 16 as McDowell Trails Association Appreciation Day in the city of Marion.

“Whereas McDowell Trails Association has partnered with the city of Marion and McDowell County in the creation and continued development of Point Lookout Trail, Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway, Peavine Trail and the Corpening Memorial Greenway,” reads part of the mayor’s proclamation. “And whereas McDowell Trails Association has helped preserve our scenic and environmentally sensitive land ensuring this legacy for future generations; and whereas McDowell Trails Association has made Marion and McDowell County a more attractive and pleasant place to live by creating new outdoor adventures and non-motorized transport opportunities...”

The proclamation states that the members of the MTA “work together as an organization for the greater good of Marion and McDowell County.”

And on Thursday, several businesses in downtown Marion are donating a percentage of the day’s sales to the MTA in support of greenways and trails.

You can help by coming downtown and patronizing these businesses. They are Artesana Ice Cream, Bruce’s Fabulous Foods, Burrito Bros., Flavors on Main, Killough’s Music & Loan, McDowell Local, Mica Town Brewing, Mountain Marquee, Refinery 13, Raymond James, Spillway Bridge & Co. and XYZ Spirits.

These businesses have pledged to give 10% of sales from Thursday (or other monetary consideration) in support the work of the MTA, which is working with the county to develop the third phase of the greenway and is deeply involved in planning for McDowell County’s portion of the Fonta Flora State Trail.

For more information, visit the McDowell Trails Association’s new Website at and you can visit the Facebook page:

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