Old Fort’s summer carnival and a proposed planning board are among topics to be discussed at Monday’s Board of Alderman meeting.

According to April meeting agenda, the aldermen will discuss this year’s carnival taking place in August. During February’s meeting, the board discussed a prior meeting with B&K Carnival Company to set tentative dates, as well as the idea of a potential carnival committee once those dates were confirmed.

Also on the agenda is discussion of a proposed town planning board. During last month’s meeting, Carlton and Alderman Wayne Stafford discussed 10 to 15 listed names to invite to join. At the time, the board agreed to look over the listed names, send invitations and set a date for the first meeting.

The board also invites local citizens to participate in public comments. Persons interested in making comments are asked to complete a brief form and submit it to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting. Each speaker is asked to limit their comments to five minutes.

A closed session will be held at the end of Monday’s meeting under GS 143-318.11.

The Old Fort Board of Aldermen will meet this Monday at 5:30 p.m. in Town Hall. For more information, contact Town Hall at 668-4244.

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