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We’re a couple months into 2019.

It’s time to talk about the best music of the year.

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Why wait till the end to talk about good music? Let’s do this thing now.

As 2019 progresses, I’ll continue to update this story on with new songs. Keep checking back. You can also follow me on Spotify (username: owhmusicguy) and subscribe to a playlist of these songs.

There’s a little something for everyone. Let’s get into it.

“Harmony Hall,” Vampire Weekend — A perfect summer song, this one feels like winter thawing a bit to reveal something bright and warm. I’ll be jamming this syncopated indie rock tune all year.

“Dylan Thomas,” Better Oblivion Community Center — Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers’ sleepy strummer will get stuck in your head with its sing-song lyrics. Dig a little deeper and enjoy the trippy combo of a bright song with lyrics depicting an existential crisis in real time.

“Juice,” Lizzo — The best pop song released in 2019, “Juice” is a fantastic jam. Put it on. Dance. Thank me later.

“Sea of Heartbreak,” Meat Puppets — The rockers have turned country and strummy for this tune of heartbreak, loneliness and tears.

“Please Me,” Cardi B and Bruno Mars — With the pop world slowly turning back to R&B, Bruno and Cardi are leading the trend, combining a slow jam with Cardi’s charged raps.

“Zombie Bastards,” Weezer — “Die, die, you zombie bastards!” Weezer’s back with a quirky tune that I can’t get out of my head.

“Almost (Sweet Music),” Hozier — Turns out the Irish singer’s first album wasn’t a fluke. His new album is packed full of great songs, this one the best among them.

“Wasted Nun,” Cherry Glazerr — Another charged-up guitar jam from the lo-fi garage rockers. More please.

“Seventeen,” Sharon Van Etten — A fuzzy, slow-building rocker from the singer-songwriter looks back on her younger days.

“Zora,” Jamila Woods — A celebration of Zora Neale Hurston and a fantastic R&B jam. What’s not to like?

“Common,” Maren Morris — Country singer Maren Morris’ turn toward pop is best on this track, mostly due to a killer verse from country-folk singer Brandi Carlile.

“Burning,” Maggie Rogers — In this spirited song, Rogers sings about burning with love and life while beats and a chorus of voices pop behind her.

“Lasting Friend,” Samia — With fuzzed-out guitars careening around, Samia repeats the line “I’m not ashamed of my past” like a mantra.

“Everyone Is a Bad Friend,” Sir Babygirl — A big, rolling pop song, this one recounts numerous experiences with friends and wonders, “Was I there for everyone the way I could have been?”

“Hellboy,” SWMRS — A punk band featuring the progeny of Billie Joe Armstrong? Yeah, they’re gonna slam. The band’s new record, “Berkeley’s On Fire,” is all hard-hitting guitar jams, and this one will have you headbanging from the first notes.

“Flat Tummy Tea,” Freddie Gibbs and Madlib — Named after a real product, this song features Gibbs’ super-fast flow and Madlib’s psychedelic visions.

“Move On,” Mike Posner — Posner continues to establish himself as a fantastic pop singer-songwriter. If you know him from “Cooler Than Me,” give him another shot. He keeps getting better.

“Monday Morning Merle,” Cody Johnson — Johnson’s new country album is a good one, and this one’s all about how Merle Haggard gets you through a rough Monday morning.

“Chameleon Nights,” The Faint — Your computer isn’t glitching. That’s just the incessant techno-punk beat of The Faint, whose new album is coming on Saddle Creek. Get your dancing shoes.

“Middle Child,” J. Cole — J. Cole is back and better than ever. This is his announcement. Consider yourself warned.

“No Case,” Masked Intruder — The masked punk band is back with another big pop-punk guitar jam. I’ve been singing, “You’ve got no case on me, bro,” to myself all week.

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