Two West Marion Elementary teachers were selected by the North Carolina Museum of Art Fellowship program for K-12 teachers to participate in a year-long program to further their students’ appreciation of art.

Carleen Policella, art teacher, and Lee Lynch, special education teacher, were among 12 other teachers who were selected. During the last week of July, Policella and Lynch will go to the North Carolina Museum of Art for a three-day training session. During the remainder of the upcoming year, they will participate by computer in group discussions, lesson planning and working with other teachers to develop art lesson plans.

Policella teaches art to all grade levels throughout the year. Lynch who works as a co-teacher on Mondays with Policella during the school’s electives. Together, they have taught the art elective program for the past two years which offers art instruction to students who sign up to study art as their elective choice. It includes all students who wish to study art, and is of particular interest and support for our special needs students.

The teachers applied for the fellowship together, and feel very fortunate to have been selected for this honor, they said in a news release.

“We hope to use the information and experience we gather from the North Carolina Museum of Art Fellowship Program to further our students' knowledge and appreciation of art,” said Lynch. “West Marion Elementary's administration has been very supportive throughout the art elective's program, and during the interview process.

They credit their principal Nakia Carson with having the vision for creating the art elective, making the fellowship award possible for these two teachers.

“We feel very fortunate to be working in such a creative and forward-looking school program with so many great possibilities for teaching,” said Lynch.

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