West Court Food Center honored as Small Business of the Year


West Court Food Center was honored Tuesday as the Small Business of the Year for 2019. This award was presented Tuesday morning at the annual meeting of the Marion Business Association. Standing in front of the much-loved grocery store are three generations of the Hollifield family who have owned and operated the business. They are (from left) Michael “Little Mike” Hollifield, James “Bud” Hollifield and Mike Hollifield.

For decades, West Court Foot Center has built a reputation as the “working man’s friend” with its top-quality produce and meats, all at prices that most local residents can afford. Now, this much-loved and locally owned grocery store is the Small Business of the Year for 2019.

During the annual meeting of the Marion Business Association, President Boyd Phillips announced Tuesday morning the latest recipient of this prestigious award. Some of the previous honorees include Refinery 13, Mr. Bob’s Do-Nuts, The McDowell News, Marion Pharmacy, Blue Ridge Chiropractic and Spencer’s Hardware.

In his presentation, Phillips gave a brief history of West Court Food Center. It has been owned and operated by three generations of the Hollifield family. James “Bud” Hollifield and his son Mike Hollifield keep tradition alive at the West Court Food Center. Bud became the owner of the store in 1962. Mike is the current owner and has worked at the store since “he could put a can of beans on the shelf,” according to the description from the MBA.

Michael Hollifield, or “Little Mike,” also operates the business.

“This supermarket, at 399 W. Court St. in Marion, is small but it’s got one of the best meat departments around,” said Phillips in his presentation. “For years, hungry customers and local restaurant owners alike have relied on West Court Food Center to provide them with a great selection of beef, pork and chicken. The store is known for its sliced ham, processed pork and beef for customers. And it’s probably no coincidence that this was one of the first places to sell Hunter’s Liver Mush.”

In addition, West Court Food Center has become well known for its own meat product which is made in the store.

“For a long time, folks have raved about the delicious sausage made and sold at the store,” said Phillips at the MBA meeting. “The store makes around 500 to 1,000 pounds on Wednesdays and it doesn’t last long once it is packaged and put out for sale.”

West Court now has a new item, CBD oil, which is marketed as a cure-all for all sorts of ailments. The grocery store also offers a variety of fresh, local produce and goods including their own product line.

“We have a lot of items that we don’t make them personally, that they are so good we put our name on them,” said Mike Hollifield.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At the presentation, Mike Hollifield said the credit for this award goes to his father and all of the hard work he put in to making West Court Food Center a success.

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