Students in West Marion Elementary’ s Garden Club showed off their green thumbs by preparing a farm-to-table meal for parents, volunteers and community members.

From the checkered table cloths to the paper magnolia decorations and wildflower centerpieces, students were instrumental in making the dinner a special event. The menu consisted of a vegetarian stew or honey burgers with honey bacon, potato salad, cole slaw and strawberry cheesecake for dessert served with fresh honey tea or lemon water. Fresh lettuce, radishes, onions, pickled squash, honey steak sauce and other toppings were available for the burgers, all harvested from the students in the club.

“We grew almost everything we are serving,” said student Colin Ivy.

The Garden Club students welcomed guests to their event and worked as hostesses and servers.

“It feels good to know we are eating something fresh. And the eggs are fresh out of a chicken’s butt,” said student Gracie Hendrix.

Along with the greenhouse and outside garden, the students have added honey bees and chickens to their growing plots. Throughout the year, they grow fresh vegetables and flowers, all learning about the importance of taking care of the environment and eating healthy.

“You have to water them every single day and take care of them every single day. Fresh is better,” said Hakan Gillham.

“Growing stuff has been the funnest part, and taking care of it,” said student Cheyene Lewis.

“I like gardening and learning about my surroundings,” said Sophie Davis.

Music teacher Benjamin Moore and the students entertained the guests with music during the dinner.

The club is led by West Marion teachers Carleen Policella and Toni Hollenbeck.

West Marion’s Garden Club would like to thank:

Parents for their support

Master Gardner’s and NC Extension office

4H and Keeping NC Beautiful program

Banner Green House

Painter’s Greenhouse

Sweet Betsy Farm

Honey Bee Association

Whitehouse Beef and Berry Farm

Hawks Creek Farm

Big Orange Egg Factory

Crooked Creek Equestrian Farm

McClure Farm

Renata Crawley (After School Science Club Director)



Garden Club students

Bianca Waters

Adeline Thomas

Evangelina Thomas

Addison Ray

Sophie Davis

Taylor Lamb

Lilly Underwood

Saul and Noel Carson

Cammie Lewis

Cheyenne Lewis

Sarah Burleson

Hakan Gillham

Zoey Revis

Chloe Cannon

Grayson Hudgins

Kamden Elkins

Rylie Ledford

Kylie Ledford

Isaiah Anthony

Leia Farr

Ryan Pack

Gracie Hendricks

Lily Lowery

Alexia Mosteller

Jeremiah Davis

Colin Ivy

Cayla Cates

Club Leaders: Carleen Policella Anderson and Toni Hollenbeck

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