First to be a hero, I think it takes a lot of things. You have to be a brave person to be a hero, knowing you might have to sacrifice your own life for another’s. Also you can’t be selfish. You have to sometimes give up something you enjoy, or like, for a better cause. I don’t mean you have to give up everything you enjoy, just sometimes there are more important things you could be doing for other people.

Secondly you need to be loyal to your job of being a hero, and if you are slacking off you’re not being much of a hero showing that you’re willing to be one.

Thirdly there are many different heroes; there are heroes in a lot of different ways. The soldiers who fought in the wars; Neil Armstrong, the man who went to space with bravery because he went not knowing what would happen to him and first man to step on the moon; Christopher Columbus, crossing the Atlantic finding the new world; George Washington, the man who led our soldiers to fight the revolutionary war for our country to be free.

Therefore, not everybody’s a hero, but the people that are, are very noble people and they didn’t set goal to become a hero; they did it because they wanted the best for us. And they wanted our country to be a better place. That is what I think it takes to be a hero.

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