Why has nothing been changed?


The fact that a shooting brought my teacher to tears in front of me and hardly phased my entire class is saying something.

When he almost collapsed after hearing a baby cry in the hallway, we didn't understand. When he told us his wife bought him a toothbrush for Valentine’s Day, we laughed. When he mentioned his key to the classroom we all sat in didn't work and he showed us, we began to understand. When he jumped at the sound of a car engine passing by when telling us to look for signs in people and listen, we understood.

When he told us he wouldn't know how to save us in certain areas of the school because it wasn't in the book he is provided with, we realized it was a problem.

Our high school is one of millions in America alone that is open for a shooter any day now. Our campus is surrounded by different parking lots, countless unlocked doors and one officer on duty. Our high school sits feet away on a hill from my baby sister. I've had a bomb threat while in middle school, I've had a lockdown in a room made of glass and not known where to go. I don't want that for my sister.

I do not want boys walking around with knives in their pockets and fishing hooks on their hats anymore.

I don't want this shooting to be ignored by the school that is supposed to protect me and one day my little sister. If the same thing that happened in Florida happens in three years’ time here, I will be at college and my sister will be a freshman here at MHS. I cannot let this be ignored.

My teacher was in tears at what happened today trying to explain to us the terrible event that happened yesterday in Florida. I was in shock after seeing the original key for the door of our classroom would not come out or turn. I am beyond amazed that the high school I attend has remained silent about the 18th school shooting in only two months. I am beyond shock anymore. School shootings have turned my generation numb. Why did no one come to school full of fear today like years back when Columbine occurred? Why are we so used to murder in our places where we are supposedly protected that in less than 24 hours after 17 people lost their lives we aren't phased?

Why has nothing been changed?

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