President Trump is basically corrupt. He is a pathological liar. He is weakening our judicial system. He is an autocrat wanting to be a Dictator. He is grandiose. He has no moral philosophy for vision and guidance.

Buzzard Capitalism seems OK with him and those who support him do not mind that he has been a female predator in the past and uses bigotry against blacks, Hispanics, women and migrants for his own political ends. He uses the presidential office for the benefit of his family business and wealth. He has been taught to scam, lie and twist the truth in order to crush the innocent before him. It seems that this is what one third of our society wants in order to incite revenge and punish anyone not of their clan. It is rooted in white supremacy and paranoia of future diverse generations. A lot of it comes out of Southern hatred for loss of the Civil War and belief in their religious supremacy.

The evangelical world prostitutes Biblical interpretation in order to under gird their support of Trump. There is nothing biblical to support Trump as a gift of God. Economic prosperity seems to be only possible by dragging the rest of us through the muck of indignities, false conspiracies and cheap, hypocritical patriotic lingo. I don’t really care if a great wall is built on the Rio Grande. I don’t mind a new tax code. But what I fear is the demise of our democracy in the gutter of false news and loss of human decency and respect for what has been the traditional institutions of our free world.

Our foreign policy has alienated the rest of the world as though we were a new Rome and a new Caesar. America cannot survive without our history of Allies. Russia and Putin is not our ideal. If we join the corruption of third world countries, democracy will perish. The prospects of nuclear confrontation is annihilation of all life.

We are on the road of fools. Hitler rose in power by leading in new industrial power. His people loved and followed him into the hell of WWII. The Jews were his scapegoat. We are on our way again to prosperity without God. Our free press has thus far been a vanguard of truth. But the Republican Congress is gutless and fears losing congressional seats. They will not stand against the ignorance and evil of their own people. They bow to the greed of the rich. The rich want you to support their agenda. The rich want your money. The Drug and Health industry believes you belong to them. Evangelical preachers fear their congregations. I pastored all over North Carolina for 25 years and I put my security in jeopardy many times by opposing bigotry. I have worked for Mental Health for 27 years and I have put my job on the line opposing mistreatment of staff and clients.

Are our congressmen so fearful of not being elected to another term that they must bow to destructive demands of those who elect them? Dismiss the antics of Trump and your sleep brings death. Do you really think God will save you from Trumpism? Do we need an authoritarian leader so bad that we must sacrifice innocent human life?

He can destroy the America we grew up in. He is on his way as soon as he can dismantle the judicial system and balance of power. He tweets his lies to us daily. Fools hear and follow.

Lamar Wakefield


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